31 May 19

Araza Women Presents…Susan Provan


Araza is excited to announce the next amazing person in our series, Araza Women Presents…Susan Provan.

Susan is the Director of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, which along with Edinburgh Fringe and Montreal Just For Laughs, makes up a trio of the largest comedy events in the world.

The show is attended by 800,000 people and broadcast to millions more. The post festival roadshow visits 80 tiny towns and big cities all over Australia as well as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and India.

Come along and hear how this lady runs this major business and what she finds funny. Bring your questions and comments as there will be a Q&A.


8 February 19

Araza Women Presents…Nicola Scott


Araza Women is excited to announce our first guest of 2018, Araza Women Presents…Nicola Scott.

Nicola has been named as one of the best comic book artists in the world while being an Australian working in the American comic book industry. With a history in theatre and costume design, Nicola started pursuing a comics career in 2002. After working for Dark, Horse, Image Comics and IDW, she quickly became a fan favourite artist working exclusively for DC Entertainment from 2006-2015. Nicola was the artist on many iconic comics including Superman, Batman, Batgirl and Black Canary.

But, we really love her for her iconic work on Wonder Woman!

Come along and hear this real life wonder woman and her story.
Bring your questions and comments as there will be a Q&A.​

12 October 18

Araza Women Presents…Dr Amanda Barnard


Araza Women is excited to introduce our next guest for 2017, Araza Women Presents…Dr Amanda Barnard.
Amanda's is a theoretical physicist working in predicting the real world behaviour of nanoparticles using analytical models and supercomputer simulators. She is a pioneer in the thermodynamic cartography of nanomaterials, creating nanoscale phase diagrams relevant to different environmental conditions and relating these to structure/property maps. In 2014 she became the first woman to win the Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology which she won for her work on diamond nanoparticles.
Amanda is currently based in Australia as Office of the Chief Executive Science Leader at the CSIRO.
Don't you feel smarter already?
Learn about her journey and be inspired!

15 June 17

Women in STEMM and Entrepreneurship


Women are under-represented in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) fields in both education and employment, with gender disparity particularly apparent in disciplines such as mathematics, engineering and computing.
What can be done to increase the level of women pursuing careers in STEMM fields?
Join Am Cham's panel of exceptional women who are well placed to share their stories and discuss the issues and barriers for Women in STEMM.​

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