International Women's Day Celebrations

I am on my way to the 2186 International Women's Day event and I couldn't be more excited. I will share a portion of tonight's speech as I am absolutely committed to #BeBoldForChange.

Do the people in this room need to be radical?

I think we do. The last few months of global politics has show that we are going BACKWARDS!!!!!

Everyone will need to decide how they participate. I have decided that I will


In 1955, in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to get up for a white man to take her seat on the bus. She was arrested. This became a famous story of peaceful resistance.

But this was not the hard part of the story. For the next year, the African American community protested by boycott and refused to take the bus. This was huge economic impact – they made up 70-80% of bus riders. Eventually, due to economic and political pressure, the government breaks its law and segregated buses are outlawed. Would be all be willing to walk to and from work for the next year for gender equality? Some of you live pretty far away…

Everyone wants gender equality but no one wants to get home at midnight.

My Montgomery is to ask businesses that wants my business, both personally and professionally, about the gender makeup of their organisation, their executive and their board.

If you want to know the outcomes, I will be blogging about it on I will end up boycotting some companies and celebrating others. I hope I am doing more celebrating. But I am not afraid of a boycott.

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