MTV needs to sing a different song

I know everyone is thinking that I am way to old to be still be watching MTV. But, you are wrong. It keeps me young. And, I love music. So imagine my disappointment, anguish and general disgust when I had MTV Dance RnB on the TV and the music video ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown suddenly popped on the screen. At this point, any massive media platform should know better than to create a young fandom generation for someone who has no respect for women. If we go through Chris Brown’s history of violence towards women, you’ll understand why I feel this way.

To this day, the picture of Rihanna– eyes blackened, face swollen and bruised lingers in my memory. (The night before the 2009 Grammy Awards, Brown got into a physical altercation with Rihanna, who was his current girlfriend at that time. According to the LA police Detective Andrews’s statement (2009), Brown pushed Rihanna's head against the window, punched her with his right hand, and then continued driving while hitting her. Rhianna admitted that she also choked, but not to the point of near unconsciousness, although she said she did have trouble breathing.)

His behaviour has continued for the past few years and finally the past few months, his last girlfriend revealed she was the victim of domestic violence during their four-year relationship. Karrueche confessed to a judge that Brown pushed her down the stairs and punched her in the stomach twice and threatened to shoot and kill her.

Young people watch this music station so I emailed them.

From: Victoria Kluth

Sent: Friday, 31 March 2017 7:00 PM

To: Feedback, MTVNA

Subject: MTV Dance

Hi MTV Dance -

I wanted to write and let you know how terribly disappointed I was watching your channel this afternoon. During RnB Friday, Chris Brown “Forever” came on. This is the time of day when a lot of young people are watching. This is so disturbing to me. Not only does he currently have a restraining order against him from his last relationship, he severely beat another woman. (Rihanna) I can not support stations that support women haters. I have now swtiched over to MAX.

Their response was a form letter.

“Programming on MTV is governed by the ASTRA Subscription Broadcast Television Codes of Practice (theCodes). The Codes have been registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority after extensive consultation with community interest groups and the public.

We understand you were concerned that the Music Video was broadcast on the Channel. Subjective matters of opinion and taste lie beyond the scope of the Codes, including material that may be considered personally offensive by some viewers. MTV does not condone or encourage any type of violence. We take the concerns you have raised very seriously and regret any personal offence caused as a result of the broadcast of this Music Video. Subscriber feedback is highly regarded by VIMN and Foxtel and is very important for our ongoing consideration of content selection and scheduling.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.”

Kind regards, MTV Australia

MTV Australia

Please BOYCOTT companies that do not respect women.

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