EnergyAustralia becomes a shining light for equal pay and equal opportunity....

In March of 2018, energy giant EnergyAustralia announced that it will invest a staggering $1.2 million to ensure that women and men with equivalent experience and skills would receive the same pay for doing the same job. This investment is set to boost the pay packets of 350 women and 80 men and establish a 0% pay gap.

The company expressed that this pay review is all about fairness, regardless of gender and that since 2014 they have progressively worked to reduce or remove gender bias in their work practices. The company is also working tirelessly to promote the increase of female representation in areas of their business that are male dominated. These areas tend to offer well-paying roles and women are being strongly encouraged to venture into these.

What a fantastic job EnergyAustralia is doing to support and promote equal pay and equal opportunities for all!

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